2000 Canadian Trampoline and Tumbling Championships

May 17 - 20, 2000



by Grace Chiu

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Congratulations to our Canadian Champions!


Brenna Casey, ON - Triple Champion: Junior Women's Individual Trampoline, Senior Women's Double Mini-Tramp, Senior Women's Synchro (with Heather McManus)


Bryan Milonja, QC - Triple Champion: Youth Men's Individual Trampoline, Double Mini-Tramp, and Synchro (with Charles Thibault)


Karen Cockburn, ON - Senior Women's Individual Trampoline Champion - Olympic qualifier


Mathieu Turgeon, ON - Senior Men's Individual Trampoline Champion - Olympic qualifier

Janice Creighton, ON - Senior Women's Tumbling Champion

  Chris Mitruk, ON - Senior Men's Double Mini-Tramp Champion

Cole Roycroft, AB - Senior Men's Tumbling Champion

Heather McManus and Brenna Casey, ON - Senior Women's Synchro Champions

Belanger and Lebarron, QC - Novice Women's Synchro Champions

Sarah Caruso, ON - Women's Youth Double Mini-Tramp Champion

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