2012 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships - Nanning, CHN

2012 Senior Pan American Gymnastics Championships - Mississauga, ON

2012 P&G U.S. Gymnastics Championships (Artistic) - Pittsburgh, USA

2012 Canada Cup Trampoline - Newmarket, ON

2012 Canadian Gymnaestrada - Calgary, AB

2012 Canadian Gymnastics Championships - Ottawa, ON

2012 Pacific Rim Championships - Richmond, BC

2012 International Gymnix - Montréal, QC (finals)

2012 Elite Canada Rhythmic - Edmonton, AB

2012 Elite Canada Artistic - Gatineau, QC

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2012 Trampoline Gymnastics World Age Group Competition - Sofia, BUL

2012 World Trampoline Gymnastics Championships - Sofia, BUL

2012 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships - Antwerp, BEL

2012 P&G U.S. Gymnastics Championships (Artistic) - Hartford, USA

2012 World Games - Cali, COL

2012 Canada Cup T&T - Airdrie, AB

2012 Canadian Gymnastics Championships - Ottawa, ON

2012 Tumblers Classic - Orleans, ON

2012 Elite Canada Trampoline - Québec, QC

2012 International Gymnix - Montreal, QC

2012 American Cup - Worcester, MA

2012 Nastia Liukin Cup - Worcester, MA

2012 Elite Canada Artistic - Sherwood Park, AB

2013 International Gymnix poster


 XXX Olympic Games - London, GBR

 U.S. Olympic Trials - San Jose, CA, USA

 Canadian Women's Artistic Gymnastics Final Olympic Selection - Gatineau, QC

 Canadian Gymnastics Championships - Regina, SK

 European Championships Women's Artistic Gymnastics - Brussels, BEL

Acrobatic Gymnastics World Age Group Competitions - Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA

Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships - Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA

Elite Canada Trampoline & Tumbling - Airdrie, AB

2012 Tumblers Classic - Orleans, ON

2012 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships - Everett, WA, USA

2012 International Gymnix - Montreal, QC

2012 Elite Canada Rhythmic / Canadian Group Championships / Invitation Rythmik Montreal - Montreal, QC

2012 Elite Canada Artistic - Mississauga, ON

2012 London Prepares: Visa International Gymnastics - London, GBR

Kristina Vaculik, Final Olympic Selection


World Trampoline Gymnastics Championships - Birmingham, GBR

World Artistic Gymnastics Championships - Tokyo, JPN

World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships - Montpellier, FRA

Canadian Women's Artistic World/Pan Am Team Selection - Oakville, ON

Visa Championships - St. Paul, MN, USA

Canada Cup Trampoline & Tumbling - Airdrie, AB

Canadian Gymnastics Championships
Championnats canadiens de gymnastique
- Charlottetown, PE

Eastern Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
Championnats de l'Est Rythmique
- Toronto, ON

Trampoline & Tumbling Elite Canada - Trois-Rivières, QC

Men's Elite Canada - Brampton, ON

International Gymnix - Montreal, QC

Jeux du Canada Games - Halifax, NS

FIG Rhythmic World Cup / Coupe du Monde Rythmique - Montreal, QC

International Gymnix 2011


Women's Elite Canada, Gatineau, QC

World Age Group Trampoline Competition , Metz, FRA

World Trampoline Gymnastics Championships, Metz, FRA

World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, Rotterdam, NED

Commonwealth Games, Delhi, IND

Gymnaestrada 1st Youth Olympic Games, Singapore, SIN

Gymnaestrada Canada Cup Trampoline & Tumbling, Mississauga, ON

Gymnaestrada Canadian Gymnaestrada, Winnipeg, MB

Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, Edmonton, AB

Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Kamloops, BC

Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships, Melbourne, AUS

Pan American Trampoline & Tumbling Championships, Daytona Beach, USA

Rhythmic Elite Canada, Mississauga, ON

International Gymnix / MAG World Cup, Montreal, QC

Men's Elite Canada, Gatineau, QC

Rhythmic World Cup, Montreal, QC

2010 Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Kamloops
2010 Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Kamloops, BC


Women's Elite Canada, Oakville, ON

Trampoline Gymnastics World Age Group Competition, St. Petersburg, RUS

World Trampoline Gymnastics Championships, St. Petersburg, RUS

World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, London, GBR

Visa Championships, Dallas, TX

Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Hamilton, ON

International Gymnix & World Cup, Montreal, QC

Ontario Men's Artistic Qualifier, Ottawa, ON

on Payne Montreal World Cup
Jackson Payne
Montreal World Cup


Women's Elite Canada, Gatineau, QC

Olympic Games, Beijing, CHN

Canada Cup T&T, Ste-Hyacinthe, QC

U.S. Olympic Trials, Philadelphia, USA

Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Calgary, AB

Canadian Rhythmic Individual Championships, Montreal, QC

All Canada Trampoline Olympic Trials, Terrebonne, QC

Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships, San Jose, CA, USA

International Gymnix, Montreal, QC

Women's Artistic Gymnastics Ontario Provincial Qualifier, Ottawa, ON

Ottawa Gymnastics Centre Competitive Team & Individual Photo Shoot


Nastia Liukin
Nastia Liukin, USA
2008 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships


Elite Canada, Abbotsford, BC

Good Luck Beijing International Invitational, Beijing, CHN

Trampoline & Tumbling World Age Group Competition, Québec, CAN

World Trampoline Gymnastics Championships, Québec, CAN

World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, Patras, GRE

World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, Stuttgart, GER

Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Regina, SK

Pulsars Invitational, Newmarket, ON

Trampoline & Tumbling World Cup, Québec City, QC

Trampoline & Tumbling World Cup (Finals), Lake Placid, USA

Envol 2007, Ottawa, ON

International Gymnix, Montréal, QC

Canada Winter Games, Whitehorse, YK

North Shore Invitational, North Vancouver, BC

Rhythmic Elite Canada & Olympium Invitational, Etobicoke, ON

2nd Ontario Trampoline Cup, Ottawa, ON

Jurassic Classic, Calgary, AB


Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs
Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs
2007 Elite Canada
Abbotsford, BC


Elite Canada, Toronto, ON (Women) & Calgary, AB (Men)

FIG 125th Anniversary Gala, Geneva, SUI

World Artistic Gymnastics Champinships, Aarhus, DEN

Women's World Team Trials, Mississauga, ON

Junior Pan American Gymnastics Championships - Gatineau, QC & Toronto, ON

Canadian Gymnaestrada, Ottawa, ON

Gymnastics Canada Awards Banquet, Ottawa, ON

Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, Surrey, BC

Canadian Artistic and Trampoline Gymnastics  Championships, Quebec City, QC

Canadian Aerobic Gymnastics Championships, Caledonia, ON

Pacific Alliance Gymnastics Championships, Honolulu, USA

Pulsars Invitational, Newmarket, ON

Commonwealth Games, Melbourne, AUS

American Cup, Philadelphia, USA

Jurassic Classic, Calgary, AB

Women's Commonwealth Team Trials, Mississauga, ON

Tumbling at the FIG 125th Anniversary Gala
Geneva, SUI


Elite Canada, Gatineau, QC

Ontario Women's Provincial Qualifier, Oshawa, ON

Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, Melbourne, AUS

Ontario Women's Artistic Gymnastics Tour Selection, Mississauga, ON

Senior Pan American Gymnastics Championships, Rio de Janeiro, BRA

T&T International Age Group Championships, Eindhoven, NED

World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships, Eindhoven, NED

Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, Hamilton, ON

Canadian Trampoline and Tumbling Championships, Vancouver, BC

Canadian Gymnaestrada, Vancouver, BC

Canadian Artistic Gymnastics Championships, Vancouver, BC

Eastern Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Charlottetown, PEI

Ontario Trampoline & Tumbling Provincials, Toronto, ON

Ontario WAG Provincials & SA Nationals , Kingston, ON

International Gymnix, Montréal, QC

American Cup & Intl Team Challenge, Long Island, NY


World Cup Freestyle Skiing, Mont Tremblant, QC

World Cup Freestyle Skiing, Lake Placid, USA

World Cup Skeleton & Bobsled, Lake Placid, USA

World Junior Figure Skating Championships, Kitchener, ON


Kyle Shewfelt

Olympic floor champion Kyle Shewfelt prepares to present 2005
World floor silver medalist Brandon O'Neill with a photo gift from
Gymnastics Canada at
Elite Canada on December 10, 2005.


Elite Canada, Calgary

Junior Pan American Gymnastics Championships, San Salvador, El Salvador

Olympic Games, Athens, Greece

Indo-Pacific Trampoline & Tumbling Championships, Kelowna

Canadian Women's Olympic Team Trials, Toronto

U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Anaheim

Canadian Artistic Gymnastics Championships, Mississauga

Canadian Trampoline and Tumbling Championships, Toronto

Pacific Alliance Gymnastics Championships, Honolulu

Corona Gymnastics Invitational, Ottawa

Quinte Gymnastics Invitational, Belleville

Jurassic Classic, Calgary

Visa American Cup, New York

K-Town Twist and Flip Invitational and Provincial Qualifier, Kingston

Gemini Reach for the Sky Invitational and Provincial Qualifier, Oshawa


World Cup Freestyle Skiing, Mont Tremblant

World Cup Freestyle Skiing, Lake Placid, USA

Kyle Shewfelt

Kyle Shewfelt wins Canada's first Olympic gymnastics gold
and named CP Canadian Male Athlete of the Year

2004 Olympic Games



Women's Elite Canada, Mississauga

World Trampoline & Tumbling Championships, Hanover, GER

CAN-GER-USA Junior Men's Meet, Burlington, ON

GO Blue Jays Pre-game Show, Skydome, Toronto, ON

World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, Anaheim, USA

Pan American Games, Santo Domingo, DOM

Women's Pan Am and World Team Trials, Toronto, ON

Trampoline & Tumbling Team Trials, Longueil, QC

Limestone Classic, Kingston, ON

Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Saskatoon, SK

Eastern Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Halifax, NS

Ontario and Canadian Sport Aerobics Championships, Brantford

Internatioal Gymnix Finals, Montréal

Jurassic Classic, Calgary

Canada Winter Games, Bathurst, NB

Retro-Boogie, Scarborough

Metro-East Women's 2nd Qualifier, East York


World Synchronized Skating Championships, Ottawa

World Cup Freestyle Skiing, Lake Placid, USA

Fan Ye, China

2003 Worlds

Emily Yorke
2003 East York Qualifier


Women's Elite Canada, Gatineau

World Artistic Gymnastics Championships (Individual Apparatus), Debrecen, HUN

Ontario Women's Tour Selection, Mississauga

Men's Elite Canada, Montréal, QC

Ontario Women's Artistic Team Trials for Canada Winter Games, Oshawa, ON

Women's Artistic World Team Trials, Oshawa, ON

Trampoline & Tumbling World Cup, Edmonton, AB

Commonwealth Games, Manchester, ENG

Canadian Women's Commonwealth Games Team Preview, Markham, ON

World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, New Orleans, USA

Reach for the Sky Trampoline Festival, Toronto, ON

Canadian Artistic Gymnastics Championships, Winnipeg, MB

Pacific Alliance Championships, Burnaby, BC

Elite Ontario, Oakville, ON

Corona Cup, Ottawa, ON

Ontario East Divisional Provincial RG Qualifier, Toronto, ON

Wild Rose International / Invitational, Edmonton, AB

Spring Cup, Burlington, ON

International Gymnix, Montréal, QC

Retro Boogie Colossal Gymnastics Competition, Markham, ON

Ontario Level 3 & National Stream Qualifier, St. Catharines, ON


ISU Junior Grand Prix, Montreal

Tony Hawk at the Skydome, Toronto

World Cup Freestyle Skiing, Lake Placid, USA

Canadian Figure Skating Championships, Hamilton, ON

ISU Grand Prix Final of Figure Skating, Kitchener, ON

Carly Patterson, USA
Carly Patterson
2003 International Gymnix


2001 EVENTS:

Women's Elite Canada, Toronto, ON

Ontario Cup Trampoline, Kingston, ON

Ontario Women's Tour Selection, Mississauga, ON

World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, Ghent, BEL

Women's World Team Selection, Hamilton, ON

Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Saint John, NB

Canadian Trampoline & Tumbling Championships, Toronto, ON

Elite Ontario, Toronto

International Gymnix, Montréal, QC

Amélie Plante featured on the International Gymnix 2001 poster
Amélie Plante
2001 International Gymnix poster

2000 EVENTS:

Canadian Women's Olympic Trials, Toronto, ON

Gymnastics Challenge 2000, Mississauga, ON

Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Montréal, QC

Canadian Trampoline & Tumbling Championships, Toronto, ON

International Gymnix, Montréal, QC

Bluewater International, Sarnia, ON

Melanie Tham, Gymnastics Mississauga Melanie Tham, 2000 Canadian Championships

1999 EVENTS:

Women's Elite Canada, Montréal, QC

World Gymnastics Championships, Tianjin, CHN

Pan American Games, Winnipeg, MB

Canada vs. USA, Toronto, ON

Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Burnaby, BC

International Gymnix, Montréal, QC

Svetlana Khorkina, RUS
Curtis Hibbert, Ontario

1998 EVENTS:

Pacific Alliance Championships, Winnipeg, MB

Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Hamilton, ON

Sagit Cup, Vancouver, BC

 Wild Rose International, Edmonton, AB

 Bluewater International, Sarnia, ON

International Gymnix, Montréal, QC



1997 World Gymnastics Championships, Lausanne, SUI

1997 Men's World Team Trials, Ottawa, ON

1997 Women's World Team Trials, Guelph, ON

1997 Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Ottawa, ON

1997 International Gymnix, Montreal, QC

1996 Gold Tour of Gymnastics, Syracuse, NY

1996 WimGym Invitational, Montreal, QC

1996 U.S. Olympic Trials, Boston, MA

1996 World Gymnastics Championships, San Juan, PUR

1996 Women's Worlds Selection, Montreal, QC

1996 World Trampoline & Tumbling Championships, Vancouver, BC

1996 Canadian Gymnastics Championships, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

1996 International Gymnix, Montréal, QC




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